If you are a dog owner, you know exactly how stressful it can be when your furry friend is ill. Since they can’t communicate their distress to you, it is often difficult to understand exactly what your pet needs.

However, your pet dog is just like you and can contract illnesses and infections or may even experience an accident. When this happens, you need to act as quickly as possible to get them the proper medical attention. Their condition could escalate and turn out to be fatal without emergency surgery or treatment. 

There are many cases in which your dog may require emergency vets. For example, if your dog is hit by a car or experiences a dangerous fall, it may need emergency surgery to address any internal injuries, and your regular vet may not be available. Besides that, dogs are prone to swallowing unknown objects which could get lodged in their digestive systems or cause poisoning. In such cases, emergency surgery is essential to ensure your dog’s health and safety.

Let us explore some common dog emergency surgeries! 

3 Common Types of Emergency Surgeries for Dogs

1. Emergency Orthopaedic Surgery

Dogs often need emergency surgery for sudden or severe injuries to the bones, joints or soft tissue. These injuries are known to cause a significant amount of pain to your dog along with the potential for immobility and life-altering complications. Emergency orthopaedic surgeries for dogs are often performed to address these conditions and help your dog recover as quickly as possible.

Some common orthopaedic injuries in dogs that require emergency surgery include fractures, dislocations, ligament tears and more. There are numerous causes for all of these. For example, it is not uncommon for dogs to get fractures, regardless of age and breed. Your dog may then require surgical intervention to stabilise the bone for proper healing. 

Similarly, dislocations can occur when a joint is forced out of its normal position. Your dog may need surgery to relocate the joint and repair any damaged ligaments or tendons.

If your dog needs emergency surgery for orthopaedic injuries, it may need to stay in the hospital for several days. Post-operative care may involve pain management, medication, or physical therapy.

2. Emergency C-sections

A C-section or a caesarean is an emergency surgical procedure that helps female dogs to deliver puppies if they are unable to give birth naturally. This type of emergency surgery is performed when there are complications during labour or if the size or position of the puppies rule out the possibility of a natural delivery.

Sometimes, there are other reasons for an emergency C-section, such as a narrow birth canal, a malpositioned puppy, or a high number of pups. If a C-section is not performed quickly, it can result in the death of your dog as well as her puppies.

During C-section emergency surgery, your dog will be given general anaesthesia to ensure that the surgery is pain-free for her. Then, an incision will be made in the abdominal wall, and the puppies are carefully removed one by one. The incision is closed with sutures once the puppies have been delivered.

Post-operative care may include administering pain medication and special care to help your dog regain her strength. 

3. Emergency Foreign Body Removal Surgery

Dogs are known to play with random objects and may sometimes accidentally swallow them. While it could be harmless, some objects may get stuck in your dog’s digestive system, causing problems to their health, such as internal bleeding, infections and more. Some common foreign objects that dogs may swallow include toys, clothing, rocks, and certain household items.

In such a situation, an emergency vet can remove the object and help your dog to recovery. They will typically perform an X-ray to locate the object and then determine the best way to extract it. 

Post-operative care usually involves a period of hospitalisation to ensure recovery. Besides that, your vet may suggest pain management, medications and a monitored diet.

Contact Pet Emergency Hospital for Emergency Surgeries

Your pets are a part of your family and need to be looked after just like any other family member. This is why, when there is an emergency, you need to take quick action to prevent the problem from escalating.

At Pet Emergency Hospital, we have a team of experienced and skilled out of hours emergency vets who are trained to handle any emergency with the utmost efficiency. Whether your pet needs emergency surgery, diagnosis, medication or even hospitalisation, we can provide it all. 

Moreover, our emergency vets are available on weekdays, weekends and even public holidays!

Contact us at (01) 2609920 for any pet-related emergencies!

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