Your pet is a part of your family, and like any other family member, their health is important. Looking after your pet is similar to looking after a child, especially because your pets can’t tell you if something is wrong with them. You have to pay attention and look for signs of sickness or illness and take immediate action to ensure their well-being.

Moreover, there are some instances when you need to consult an emergency vet so that your pet can be treated on time before its condition gets worse. For example, some pets commonly ingest random substances that they find. However, these substances can potentially be toxic or dangerous and may require immediate intervention – for example if your cat or dog consumes chocolate. 

Similarly, during summer when it’s hot, pets are more at risk of heat stroke. Dogs and cats can overheat quickly and can fall prey to some terrible illnesses as a result. It is important to look for signs such as panting, lethargy, etc. and take action right away.

In this blog, we’re going to explore some important signs that your pet needs an emergency vet right away. Let’s begin!

3 Signs Your Pet Needs to See an Emergency Vet 

1. Loss of Appetite or Excessive Thirst

Keep an eye on your pet’s eating habits. Are they eating the same amount of food or are they avoiding it? If you notice any changes in your pet’s food intake, it could be a sign that they need an emergency vet service. While it is common for pets to refuse to eat sometimes, if you notice that they are missing more than one meal, it could be a sign of something serious.

If you notice that your pet has gone two days without eating, you should immediately contact your vet. A loss of appetite could potentially be a greater illness or a mouth injury that has gone unnoticed.

Similarly, excessive thirst can also be a sign that your pet needs to see an emergency vet right away. Your pet may drink more water than usual if they have exercised a lot, but if they keep drinking a lot of water for more than a day, it could be a sign of diabetes or kidney disease, which can be life-threatening. Contact an emergency vet right away to get your pet’s symptoms checked immediately. 

2. Frequent Vomiting

This one is difficult to monitor but is an important sign that your pet may need an emergency vet. Your pet is likely to vomit often, and usually, it is not a huge concern. Some animals throw up to naturally get rid of substances that do not agree with their system. However, once they are rid of it, they stop and are back to normal.

If you notice that your pet is vomiting more frequently than usual or several times in a row, then they need to visit an emergency vet right away. If your pet’s vomit contains blood or they have other symptoms, such as a fever, do not wait a minute longer. At Pet Emergency Hospital we are on hand outside of normal working hours to provide out of hours emergency pet care.  

3. Lack of Energy

Like us, your pet can often feel lethargic and tired, sometimes without serious reason. But lethargy can be an indication that there is something wrong with them. Do they seem more tired than usual? Are they sluggish? If yes, then they need to visit an emergency vet right away.

If your pet is feeling lethargic or weak to the point where they are not interested in participating in their favourite activities, you need to start paying attention. Some common reasons for this could be weather conditions, overexercising or a fever. 

However, sometimes animals can directly collapse or have difficulty breathing, which could be a sign of something more serious. In such a case, an emergency vet or a 24 hour vet can take care of your pet and get them out of immediate danger.

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